What is Bondassage?

A sensual delight. A powerful, immersive experience. Bondassage is taking you to new heights of sensation, pleasure and power.

Each Bondassage session incorporates both specific techniques of bondage, sensory deprivation and play, but is also tailored to each guest’s specific appetites. When you contact me, we will discuss your interests and I will create a scene that will bring you sensory bliss!

For more information on Bondassage itself, please see the main website for this powerful phenomenon in pleasure.


Experience Elysium!

If you are looking for a slower, sensual experience without the intensity of Bondassage, Elysium would be right for you!

Combining the sensory deprivation of Bondassage with a more sensual feel and lighter bondage, the focus of Elysium is on devastatingly slow, connected, innovative  massage that stretches your erotic boundaries, transporting you to new realms of pleasure.

Elysium uses many ancient and modern sensual techniques, expertly controlling your blissful state to stretch on for an hour of connection, relaxation, and pure delight.


My name is Selina and I am a strong and curvy sensual dominant. I have been a Domme for over a decade with experience in all sorts of sensory and erotic delights! I especially like to use my hands, from running them all over my submissive’s body to bringing intense sensations to them. As a former academic and therapist, I have a wit and depth of experience to challenge and dominate you. As a licensed bodyworker and somatic therapist, I have the skills to use my body to its fullest to take you to your edge and beyond!

I became certified in Bondassage in 2013 and have worked in Washington, Oregon and California before moving to the Southwest in 2016. My home base is Albuquerque, NM, however I will travel, so please ask about my availability in other areas of the Southwest.

“Time with Selina is like a magical journey into bliss. The touch of her healing hands felt like I was being touched by an angel… and held by an ALL LOVING Mother…all at the same time!”

– Gayle, Texas

What are you waiting for? Take your erotic self to the limit and contact me.

Availability & Tribute

I only do Bondassage part-time, to keep me excited and fresh in this work. Scheduling with me is never same-day; I will usually need at least a week to schedule with you.

Bondassage and Elysium takes sweet time and the experience cannot be rushed! Your first session will always be at least 90-minutes. If you would like more time, such as for additional desires, then we can start at two hours and add from there.

90 Minutes $300
120 Minutes $400
Every Additional 30 Minutes +$100

If I travel to see you, I will need to make more extensive arrangements and will require more references. I charge $1 per mile, round trip, with a minimum of $40.


BDSM? Kink? What does this mean? 

BDSM is an acronym including Bondage-Discipline, Dominance-Submission, and Sadomasochism. It is synonymous with kink. Kink community is a diverse and broad group of people experimenting with the edges of sexual and sensual experiences, and any specific definition will not include many people. Generally, however, it includes playing with power dynamics and control between partners (Dominance-Submission and Bondage-Discipline) and intense or painful sensations.

 What can I expect in a session?

Let’s not ruin the surprise! However, you do need to be prepared and consent to what we will do. A Bondassage session will include bondage, sensory deprivation, and various sensual experiences from lighter experiences to more intense play. Elysium includes all of this, but only uses light and sensual touch instead of intense play. We will have a chance to talk by phone before your first session with me, so we can discuss this in more detail then.

Do I have to be tied up the entire time?

Bondage is a part of the experience, so that you submit control to me. If you have physical challenges that require different ties, I am skilled at doing so. The session will, however, include bondage throughout in some manner.

What kind of sensory deprivation will there be?

You will wear a blindfold and have immersive headphones with erotic music that will keep you in your own body and experience, heightening the experience of your flesh. If this aspect is difficult for you, discuss it with me beforehand.

What exactly do you mean by “intense play?”

There are many different tools that I will use in a session, and they are experienced in several ways. They may sting or thump you, soothe or excite you, or be sharp or sensual. I recommend everyone who is coming to Bondassage for the first time to experience all of it; none of it will damage or mark you. In our intake, we will discuss your experience with kink/BDSM and pain, and I will keep this in mind as we play so as not to take you beyond your limits.

What do you mean that you’re a “sensual dominant?”

I am a nurturing sort of dominant, gently leading you to your edge – and beyond – with care and attention. I create sensation because it’s what you desire, and I enjoy having you under my control and seeing you get what you want. If you’re looking for a stern dominant, or one that wants you to lick her boots and worship her, you will not find her here.

Other questions? Feel free to contact me.


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I look forward to hearing from you!

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